From idea to project

Similarly to therapy, COACHING addresses the desire of a client to move from having an idea to achieving a clear project.

Existential Coaching is conducted with a non-judgemental, collaborative approach and it offers a very powerful opportunity to explore and identify specific goals. Existential Coaching also addresses any presenting challenges discussing the client’s experience, beliefs and values, in order to reach their desired outcomes.

While psychotherapy addresses the client’s reality from and emotional and relational perspective, Existential Coaching works in a slightly different way.

Existential Coaching is like a journey. The Coach will help define the itinerary from were the client is, to their desired destination. Most often the journey begins with an idea and ends with a well structured project.

Establishing the most suitable itinerary and the stops needed on the way, Coach and Client will identify not only clear targets but most of all resolve obstacles by highlighting and unlocking the client’s skills. The Coach will draw on the client’s own subjective resources and tools in order to achieve the desired targets.

I define myself as an Existential Coaching Therapist. What is that? I have extensive training in Existential Therapy and Existential Coaching. I am inspired by Existential philosophy to find meaning in my clients’ existence in order to support them live the life they want, according to their values, abilities and relational environment.

The emphasis in an Existential Coaching session is focused on goal achievement and the obstacles that may prevent it. However, if and when necessary, psychological issues may be explored, and analysed. That’s when my therapeutic background and experience become an essential skill.

I trained at the Animas Centre for Coaching and hold a Diploma in Transformational Coaching. I have also completed training as an Existential Coach.

I am accredited by EMCC Global at Practitioner Level.

I am bilingual and conduct my practice in English and Italian, mostly online from either London or Rome.