Mediation & Couples Therapy

Psychological Mediation is a practice based upon the idea that all conflicts  and disputes are the result of emotional or psychological blockages.

All disputes cause emotional damage, not only material one, and it is important to understand that to try and find rational and pragmatic solutions may not always be the best way to solve conflicts.

Trying to work out an agreement by adressing the emotional baggage that lies behing and underneath the actual facts, is often a more satisfying and long lasting way to arrive to an agreement that is acceptable to both parties and that reflects and meets the emotional needs of both.

A mediator is a facilitator who can act as “go-between” the two parties, in a non-judgemental, neutral and empathic way, in order to accompany both sides towards a “good-enough” agreement.

I trained in “Alternative Dispute Resolution – A course in skills for successful mediation”, at Regent’s College in September 2012.

I apply mediation skills in therapy with couples.

A couple is the encounter between two individuals who chose to share their experience of life. It is the “sharing” element that gives birth to their relationship. Like a baby, a relationship needs a lot of nurturing and caring effort in order to grow and flourish. There will be, inevitably, times when this enterprise hits difficulties and obstacles. I can be of support helping couples acquire or refine communication skills and creatively restore understanding and cooperation.