One asset of the modern world is the plentiful presence of solutions and aswers.

Technology, science, medicine, pharmachology, physics, just to name a few disciplines, provide people with cures and solutions to most everyday needs.

Such abundance of knowledge also provides a subtle yet unrenounceble belief, that we are on the right track to the ultimate solution, the conquering of death.

Existential thought may sound outdated in such outlook, as it proposes a fundamentally different idea. The unknown is a basic given of human life and as such it can viewed as a resource to be embraced and even enjoyed, rather than abhorred.

Learning to bear the anxiety of not-knowing may be an essential step along the the steep trail up the hill of wisdom. It may even add spice to our life, if experienced as an opportunity for experimenting, gambling or, why not, the excitment of waiting for a final “whoddunnit” on life’s thriller movie.

The difficulty in embracing such philosophy resides perhaps in the necessity to find a suitable compromise between the basic boundaries and structures required by society and environment, and an inner awareness of human nature being mostly unable to control, predict or prevent.

Such attitude needs a good amount of humility, faith and hope, other essential tools in that uphill trail.