One asset of the modern world is the plentiful presence of solutions and aswers.

Technology, science, medicine, pharmachology, physics, just to name a few disciplines, provide people with cures and solutions to most everyday needs.

Such abundance of knowledge also provides a subtle yet unrenounceble belief, that we are on the right track to the ultimate solution, the conquering of death.

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Divorce: The end or the beginning?

Most people may have had the experience of those early morning dreams that so vividly make us experience a second life where rules are reversed, the gains have become losses and losses have become everyday presences. We then wake up and for a moment we look around to reassign things their rightful place in our real life, until we are ready, reassured by this order, to start our day.

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Constructive anger

Anger is the response to situations or events that act as triggers. We learn from our parents to expect things in life. When our expectations are not met we experience fear, anxiety or uncertainty.

Anger stems from these emotions and it starts in our head as self-talk. We may end up giving this self-talk some kind of expression, in our personal style.

Is our anger an arousal for action or an opportunity for calm thinking?

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A recipe for cooking a love casserole

I often engage in dialogue with my clients, about the essence of loving relationships.

Sessions give voice to different views about one’s understanding, needs and expectations, but often we end up pausing in considerations that are familiar to me as a therapist, but that may be new territory for some of my clients.

I usually like to describe a relationship between two people who are attracted to each other, as trying to cook a tasty casserole. A casserole requires the right ingredients; meat, vegetables, spices, a large pot, a good flame and – most important – enough time for the dish to cook slowly.

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The extraordinary boredom of being alive

A few days ago I saw a photograph of a human snake made up of hundreds of people climbing the summit of Mount Everest. About 36 different expeditions queuing up, taking advantage of a spell of suitable weather, hoping to reach the top, take a snapshot and go down again.

Personally, I am passionate about Mount Everest, I have visited the region several times and each and every one I have felt deeply moved by the majesty of this mountain and the breathtaking surrounding landscape.

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Among the rhododendrons

A healing journey in the Himalayas

A few years ago, my life run into a difficult patch. I don’t know if it was an existential crisis or simply midlife announcing its arrival not by making its appearance with wrinkles in my face, rather by wrinkling my soul.

When I felt that I could bear no more I decided to break away in order not to break down. I booked a flight to Kathmandu and left, in search of a new path.

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